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Welcome to the Westlake Academy Apparel Shop!

We've partnered with BSN Sports and are excited to provide an opportunity for parents, athletes, and our community to purchase spirit wear to support our Blacksmith teams!

Each sport will have their own spirit shop and we will also have a men, women, and children shop available! Shops will open from the 1st to the 10th of the beginning of each month! Individual sport shops could open at different times--you will be notified!

When you open up the team store, you'll notice items will be marked with a an *asterisk. This primarily means that the item is required to purchase. Please check with your coach for details on this marking. Note, we will carry youth and adult sizes, so only purchase the size that you would need.

For Junior High Students in Soccer and Volleyball, you will be purchasing your uniform. This uniform will remain the same for 3 years, which allows you to make one purchase and have it last your JH tenure. When you move to high school, you will keep your uniform. High School will be moving to the same purchasing pattern shortly.

Some sports, like football, with have other required items. Details will come from your coaches on special items or purchases that are not in the BSN Sports Store.

Other items in the shop will be optional. We do recommend the Blacksmith Athletic hoodie and matching pants, especially for sports that occur during colder seasons. The design is generic enough to allow you to wear this in multiple sports throughout the year. This will allow for our teams to match and look professional when traveling to away games.